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More is Less is More – thoughts from Zurich

The familiar adage begins “less is more”. My recent Zurich west coast swing teaching experience speaks differently – more is less then is more. Confusing? Allow me to explain. I taught west coast swing workshops with Elissa Gutterman from Tel … Continue reading

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Why Elephants Rule – Todd & Ramona teaching in Denver

I found out late October that Ceth Stifel, the man behind the Captain Lindy website, was bringing Todd Yannacone and Ramona Staffeld to teach workshops in Denver, Colorado. I was really excited for three reasons. 1. Colorado needs more intimate workshops  featuring national … Continue reading

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What Level Am I? – Lindy Focus

During my first week teaching in Madrid, this couple walks into the Intermediate Lindy Hop class and approaches me stating “we’re not sure if we should be here.” I reply that the beginner level is probably too easy for them. … Continue reading

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