Lindy Focus – audition coordinator with Jesse

Fog City Stomp – teaching with Delilah

America’s Musical Journey in Memphis

Cowtown Jamborama – taught with Delilah

Camp Hollywood – teacher and 1st Place Showcase Division

ILHC – 3rd Place Open Showcase Division

Shimmytown Aerials Workshop – taught with Delilah

Porto, Portugal Workhop – taught with Jesse

Bluebonnet Bash – taught with Delilah

Heartland Swing Festival – taught with Delilah

Salt Lake City LindyCon – taught with Jesse

Past Events – 2016

Lindy Focus – audition coordinators

Sundance Swingout

Swing Out New Hampshire – assisted with auditions

Montreal Swing Riot – on Vintage Swing Dance Team for Team Battle

Midwest Lindy Fest

Heartland Swing Festival

Past Events – 2015

Lindy Focus – audition coordinators

Nijmegen, Netherlands Workshop

Southern Fried Swing

Down South Camp Meeting

Past Events – 2014

July 4-6 – Teaching at Swingdependance

June 26-July 1 – Teaching at Beantown Camp

June 6-8 – Learning at Stompology

May 16-17 – DJing at Blossom Blues in Zurich

May 1-4 – Teaching at Fallin’ in Blues with Aurelie Duc

April 25-27 – Teaching at Rocky Mountain Girl Jam with Delilah Williams

April 19-20 – DJing and Competing at 505Stomp

April 12-13 – Teaching workshops in LA for Stephen & Chanzie with Heather Ballew

March 29-30 – Running the Dancerly Weekend with Nathan Bugh & Gaby Cook

February 28-March 2 – Teaching at the Heartland Swing Festival with Heather Ballew

January 12 – Teaching at Solo Your Mojo

January 17 – Kaye Flip Workshop with Tiffiny Wine

Past Events – 2013

December 26-January 1 – Auditions Coordinator at Lindy Focus, competing and performing, judged ULFC Solo Charleston Prelims

December 21 – Workshop in Kansas City for 627 Stomp

October 27 – DJing at Red Rhythm in central London for Swing Patrol.

October 20 – Teaching aerials and west coast swing workshops for

October 18-19 – Teaching blues at Drag the Blues in Barcelona

October 14-15 – Guest teaching for Swing Patrol with Paula Ryan

October 5-6 – Teaching lindy hop, blues, solo charleston and aerials in Luxembourg with Jesse Hanus

September 27-29 – Teaching at Streetcar Called Lindy in Zagreb

September 17-26 – Teaching group classes in Zurich for DownTownSwing

September 21 – Teaching a Bluesli Workshop in Zurich

September14-15 – Intensive West Coast Swing Weekend in Bucharest, Romania

August 29-September 2 – Competing at Camp Hollywood

August 16-18 – Teaching at Sweet Georgia Blues with Heather Ballew

August 2-4 – DJing at Lindy on the Rocks

July 8 – Teaching classes at Boulder Swing Dance with Heather Ballew

June 27-July 4 – Teaching at Beantown Camp with Heather Ballew and Jesse Hanus

June 7-9 – Attending Stompology

April 14-15 – Aerial Workshop in Rochester, NY

March 29-31 – Teaching in Sofia

March 22-24 – Teaching in Zagreb

March 15-17 – Teaching in Prague

March 8-10 – Teaching at Sideways in Lucerne with Alba Mengual

March 1-3 – Teaching at Heartland Swing Festival in Des Moines with Heather Ballew

Feb 7-13 – Artist in Residence at Wichita Swing Dance Society

Feb 1-3 – Workshop in Valencia

January 25-27 – Blues Workshop with the Blossom Blues crew and West Coast Swing Workshop for Muoviti

January 19-20 – Learn How to Lindy Hop in a Day/Solo Charleston Routine Workshops in Madrid

Past Events – 2012

December 26-January 1- Attending Lindy Focus (staff member)

December 15-16 – Blues Workshop in Madrid

December 7-9 – Aerials Workshop in Porto, Portugal

November 30-Dec 2 – Aerials Workshop in London for Swing Patrol

November 23-25 – Inappropriate Moves and Beg/Int Aerials Workshop in Barcelona for Spank the Baby

November 10-11 – Balboa Workshop in Madrid

November 5 – February 6 – Teaching at a new Madrid Swing Dance School

October 25-November 4 – Visiting Rochester, NY

October 22-24 – 3 straight days climbing Colorado 14ers

October 10-21 – Artist in Residency in Atlanta

October 12-14 – Atlanta Varsity Showdown

October 5-8 – Teaching at Berlin Blues Explosion with Louise Tangermann

October 1-4 – Training and Teaching in Berlin for Berlin Swing Patrol

September 28-30 – Aerials and Lindy Hop workshops in Madrid

September 21-23 – Aerials, Lindy Hop, and Solo Charleston workshops in Zaragoza

September 14-15 – West Coast Swing and Lindy Hop workshops in Tel Aviv

September 6-9 – Bestival with London Swing Patrol

August 16 – West Coast Swing classes in Zurich with Jenny Cooper

August 12 – London Swing Patrol Aerial workshops with Tanya Stephan

July 27-29 – Attended Camp Hollywood in Los Angeles

July 16 – Lindy Hop Workshop in Colorado Springs with Heather Ballew

July 15 – Teaching & DJing at Hot Night in a Cold Town in Denver

July 7 – Lindy Hop class in Fort Collins

June 28-July 5 – Teaching at Beantown Swing Camp with Heather Ballew

June 23 – Teaching Blues in Edinburgh

June 15-17 – Competing at ESDC

June 7 – Teaching West Coast Swing in Zurich

June 1-3 – Teaching and Competing at London Swing Festival

May 27 – Teaching Blues Workshop with Alba Mengual for London Swing Patrol

May 24&31 – Teaching at Blues in My Shoes in London

May 18-20 – Teaching at Blossom Blues in Zurich with Louise Tangermann

May 17 – Teaching West Coast Swing in Zurich

May 11-13 – Competing at Falling in Blues in Grenoble

May 5-6 – Aerials and Lindy Hop workshops in Madrid

April 21-28 – Attending the Balboa Experiment

March 30-April 1 – Teaching at Mile High Blues in Denver with Heather Ballew

March 19 – Teaching Lindy Hop for Berlin Swing Patrol

March 9-11 – Teaching at Sideways in Lucerne with Louise Tangermann

March 2-4 – Teaching at Sweet ‘n Hot in Melbourne with Heather Ballew

February 4-5 – Teaching Lindy Hop Workshops in Hobart, Tasmania with Kara Martin

January 27-29 – Competing at Best of the Best in Sydney

January 14 – Teaching Balboa and Lindy Hop in Auckland

Past Events – 2011

DJ’ed Melbourne Lindy Exchange

Helped start 1929 Studios in Melbourne mainly through teaching and DJ services

Taught at Church City Blues in Adelaide

Berlin Blues Explosion – Taught with Louise Tangermann

Aerials Workshop in Porto, Portugal

Aerials and Lindy Workshop in Madrid, Spain

3 Month Teaching Stint in Porto and Lisbon, Portugal