Oo Wee at ILHC 2017

The Tranky Hop

2013 – A Chase Scene

2012 Showcase Routine with Heather Ballew at Camp Hollywood 2012

2013 WCS Zurich Recap

2012 Pro Strictly at Camp Hollywood with Heather Ballew (2nd Place)

2011 Balboa routine performed by Ballyhoo and choreographed with Heather Ballew

2011 Balboa Justice League performance with Heather Ballew

Fallin’ in Blues 2012 Second Spotlight with Louise Tangermann (fast forward to 3:00)

2012 West Coast Swing Routine performance at Melbourne’s Swing ‘n Soul dance with Samantha Ward

Inappropriate Swing Dance Moves with Tiffiny Wine

2007 23 Skidoo wins ULHS Team Division (performing with Heather Ballew)