Delilah Williams can be found truckin’ at dance events all over! She was classically trained in ballet since birth and bumped into swing dancing at 15. It was then in 2005 that she got the bug, the lindy bug! Delilah learned how to swing dance at the Mercury Cafe and started traveling to workshops. Over the years, she has performed and competed individually and with numerous teams including the CU Jitterbuffs, Atomic Rhythm, Baltown Grapplers, Woodside Jumpers, and 23skidoo! She is part of Denver’s premiere girl troupe, The Diamond Dolls. Her cheerful smile, playful presentation, and creative movements will put a smile on your face.




Jessica Nelson began dancing in 2003, starting with ballroom and then moving smoothly into Lindy Hop and Charleston. Her love of expressing herself to Jazz and Blues music keeps her interested ever since. Attending dance events around the US and Canada to teach, compete, perform and DJ, she is passionate about spreading her love of dance to anyone willing to learn. Jesse holds titles from events like Lindy Focus, Midwest Lindy Fest, Rocky Mountain Girl Jam and Followlogie in both solo and partnered divisions. She is a recent Denver transplant from upstate NY, is on the organizing team for Stompology Authentic Solo Jazz Dance Weekend and is one of the original founders of Rochester’s all-girls dance troupe, the Flower City Follies.