Heather Ballew (Lindy Hop, Aerials, Balboa, Blues)

Heather Ballew hails from the lovely, landlocked American city of Denver, where majestic mountains tower over the skyline and things like breathing aren’t taken for granted.  A regular competitor at events around the U.S., she holds titles from Camp Jitterbug, Camp Hollywood, International Lindy Hop Championships, and Lindy Focus.  She started her professional career teaching ballroom, latin, and swing in 2002.  Since then she has taught at Beantown, Balboa Rendezvous, Eastern Balboa Championships, Rock That Swing, Provence Swing Festival, and Mile High Blues.  Heather has been a longstanding member of Denver’s champion swing dance troupe, 23 Skidoo, a founding member of the Balboa Justice League, and has served as choreographer/director for local dance troupes Ballyhoo, The Grabtown Grapplers, and Swing State.

Elissa Gutterman (West Coast Swing)

Elissa has always been passionate about movement and musicality. She danced ballet at a young age, piano as a middle schooler, and partner dancing in college. But upon seeing a West Coast Swing demo after a few years of Salsa, Elissa decided on the spot that she would learn this dance. She has been addicted ever since. She learned and worked at a dance studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota before moving to Israel in 2010. She now enjoys exerting her endless energy for music and WCS on the newly budding WCS community in Tel Aviv, Israel. Elissa’s teaching style combines her understanding of partnered movement with her patience and passion for making her students better dancers. She is committed to helping this dance grow in Israel and globally, and is excited to dance with you!