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Camp Hollywood 2013 – UJC and Weird Faces

Skidoo-wilds, weird aerial faces, Nick Peterson is again wearing eye makeup. It’s another year at the wild and wonderful Camp Hollywood/National Jitterbug Championships. This is place where LA brings its fun madness to bear on all its participants. There’s something … Continue reading

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Heartland Swing Festival 2013 – Back with Ballew

Back in the Midwest, where saying “y’all” is acceptable and recognized. It’s nice to let my American speech patterns run free. Sometimes I catch myself wondering if the students understand me, but they do! I’m no longer overseas. I can … Continue reading

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Camp Hollywood 2012

Camp Hollywood was a great event for me. It was great to reteam with my teaching partner, Heather Ballew. Teaching without my regular partner has been difficult for a few reasons, so I was glad to be back in Colorado … Continue reading

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Beantown Dance Camp – what I learned

I was very happy to be at Beantown Dance Camp for the first time this year. Heather Ballew¬†was asked to teach with her partner of choice and she asked me. I happily said yes for a couple reasons – it … Continue reading

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