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Tel Aviv, Israel – Get Your Westie On

I visited Israel September 11-18. I’ve been looking for a way to teach and visit there since my Denver friends visited Israel for weddings, relatives, and schooling. Israel seemed foreign and exotic, has religious significance, and I enjoy middle eastern … Continue reading

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Bestival 2012

Even innocuous sounding adventures have a pernicious edge. The hot Swing Patrol topic around May/June was Bestival 2012. It was advertised as an awesome party featuring lots of great music, Stevie Wonder headlining, once in a lifetime opportunity, etc. I … Continue reading

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Exploring the UK – Oxford, Durham & Newcastle

Wow! The last week has been crazy. I just returned from Bestival, an outdoor music festival like no other. More on that later, but it seriously delayed any attempts to capture my recent UK travels. I visited Oxford August 28 … Continue reading

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