London Training – Hitting the Streets

Every time I return to Colorado after a teaching stint, I visit my chiropractors, Drs. Kenneth Kao and Rachel Yan of Vital Balance Chiropractic. And every time I go I hear versions of the following:  “wow, you’ve lost muscle mass.” Before I began journeying as a full time dance instructor, I was training constantly at Apex Movement in Englewood, Colorado. I would leave work at 3pm, grab gym clothes at home, eat a quick meal at Whole Foods (pizza), and do crossfit followed by freerunning or ninja warrior class followed by parkour class followed by open gym (maybe). I think Apex labeled my going away picture with the acknowledgement that I’m a psychopath.

However, I haven’t been keeping up with my training. I’m able to maintain my fitness to a degree, but not having weight equipment limits my growth. My training is necessary to maintain longevity, prevent injury, and to protect susceptible muscle groups like my knees and back. I have to find creative ways to use my urban environment for workouts. Fortunately, London is a great playground. Here are some of the ways I train.

Broadjumps and Forward Quadrupedal Movement

Jumping and Landing

Hanging Wall Pullups

Aerial Recovery

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